Everything We Know About The Future Of Doctor Who

    With the departure of Chris Chibnall’s era, we have said goodbye to Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor. However, welcome back to Russell T Davies, who revived Doctor Who in 2005. The one question on everyone’s minds is, what can we expect from the show in the future? Let’s look at everything we know about The Future Of Doctor Who.

    Doctor Who is expanding. The BBC partnered with Walt Disney to bring Doctor Who to the streaming platform, Disney+, the Star Wars home. With the addition of it being broadcasted on Disney+, the streamer will be helping with the budget of the show with a budget of US$11.5 million per episode. After a year of knowing that Bad Wolf would take over, we now know when their first episodes will air. We don’t, however, know when Ncuti’s first series will air.

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    The Future Of Doctor Who In 2023

    Thanks to a press release, we’re aware of when the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary specials will air. It now appears all three specials will air in November 2023. Just around 12 months away. So Whovians have some time before we see David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor. However, it may be long before we see Ncuti Gatwa take over. The BBC appears to be targeting a 2023 festive season for the new doctor.

    The only cast members we know for definite will be in Series 14: the fifteenth Doctor himself, Ncuti Gatwa, and Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday. With the 60th anniversary, we know much more about casting for the 60th anniversary. Members of the cast include David Tennant portraying the 14th Doctor, Catherine Tate portraying Donna Temple-Noble (formerly Donna Noble), the late Bernard Cribbins portraying Wilfred Mott, Yasmin Finney portraying Rose Temple-Noble and Neil Patrick-Harris portraying the Doctor’s villain. Fans think Harris is playing a character known as “The Toymaker”.

    The teaser trailer for the 60th anniversary specials included Gatwa’s portrayal of the character for the first time. It’s hardly surprising that there isn’t a trailer for Series 14, as it is still in the middle of its production stages. The Doctor Who companion announcement signals what we already know. The fourteenth series is due to start filming very soon. However, as for The Future Of Doctor Who, the small teaser trailer for the 60th is all we have right now.

    Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor (Via BBC)

    How to Watch, Speculation and Opinion

    In the United Kingdom, it will stay as being broadcast on BBC One and being uploaded onto BBC iPlayer, whilst it is in the process of broadcasting. However, everywhere else can view Doctor Who episodes from the revival series (Series 1- 2005) to the present day on Disney+. With the addition of it being broadcasted on Disney+, Disney+ will be helping with the show’s budget with US$11.5 million per episode.

    Somehow, the Doctor will reunite with his former companion Donna Noble and her family whilst a threat sets Earth in danger, but how will this story happen due to the fact that in Tate’s last episode as the companion, Donna had her memory erased?

    Doctor Who is a massive part of me, so I hope Russell works his magic and makes this the best era of Doctor Who we’ve seen. I hope we get more spinoff shows like Torchwood or The Sarah Jane Adventures. It would help expand the BBC empire much more. Plus, with a budget like the show has now, there is no reason to say no to doing multiple spinoffs. Now, bring on Tennant and Gatwa.

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    Doctor Who returns to viewers’ screens in November 2023. The show has just celebrated its 59th Anniversary. Therefore, all eyes are on the 60th for next year.

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