EXCLUSIVE: Doctor Who Series 14 Block Three Episodes Leaked!

    Surprising but exciting news has arrived… As Nerdgazm has exclusively learnt what episodes have been filmed as part of the third block of Doctor Who Series 14. Under director Julie Anne Robinson, the third block had begun filming on February 8th.(per DWM Issue 589’s ‘Production Diary’)

    With DOP Tobias Datum and Assistant Director Dan Mumford on-hand, it was clear that the block had taken some time… It had been previously unclear if filming for the block had finished before April, but we can also confirm the suspicions that filming continued into this month.

    Additionally, this information also provides clear context to narrow down what episodes have been written by Russell… and what has not.

    Russell T Davies and Julie Anne Robinson preparing for work on Doctor Who Series 14 Block Three [Courtesy: BBC Studios]

    Doctor Who Block Three Episodes… Two and Three!

    Nerdgazm can exclusively reveal that Block Three of Doctor Who Series 14 consists of Episodes Two and Three. The information comes from a copy of the CV of Camera & Steadicam Operator James Chesterton.

    Concurring with the previous leak from Chris Roebuck’s CV that Block One consisted of Episodes Four and Five… The CV also reasserted that filming for Block One went from November 2022 to January 2023.(Something that DWMs 586 & 588 had teased out, noting reeces starting on November 21st and filming wrapping on January 31st.) Chesterton’s CV then went on to mention Block Three.

    Here, the CV noted these two episodes as being work undertaken under Robinson – between February and April 2023. Chesterton’s work on Doctor Who Block Three is listed as being specifically as “A Camera Operator and Steadicam Operator”.

    James Chesterton’s CV – which details Doctor Who Block Three as being Episodes Two and Three.

    Putting More Of The Block Three Puzzle Together

    Regarding the dates of the work for Block Three, DWM 589 confirmed last month that Block Three had begun its filming on February 8th. As we recently noted on Twitter – Julie Anne Robinson posted on Instagram a picture of her director sign for Doctor Who on April 23rd. Captioned “What fun!”, Robertson seemed to be implying that she had just wrapped filming on her block.

    It is also, therefore, clear that one of these two episodes – Two or Three – has been guest written, and had been on its fourth draft on February 6th… Not long before filming commenced. With the other episode having been written by Russell himself. Russell’s episode being at least six drafts in by January 8th.

    We must also draw attention to DWM 588, where it was noted that a key series location was being scouted by Scott Handcock alongside two directors on January 25th. As Block One was already close to conclusion, and Ben Chessell did not begin work until February 6th… These two directors must have been Mark Tonderai (who we previously revealed as the director for Block Two & has long since been officially confirmed) and Julie Anne Robinson. As such, we can be sure that the “key series location […] to feature in multiple episodes” that Handcock scouted with them… Will feature in Episode Two and/or Three.

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