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    Meet The Nerds!

    Jack Trestrail

    Editor in Chief & Director

    Chief Nerd among the crew! Jack is always keen to dive into the latest TV shows and movies, while not forgetting the classics!

    TJ Jeffrey

    Assistant Editor

    TJ is a talented digital media expert with 20+ years of Broadcasting experience. Currently TJ oversees Nerdgazm's social media.

    Dom Paris

    Assistant Editor

    The resident Trekkie among the team, Dom is typically found fact-checking videos and articles for the the team!

    Connor Schwigtenberg


    All round science fiction geek and a passionate Star Trek enthusiast. Can reliably be found nerding out online.

    Simon Franklin


    Simon is a writer of many topics but Doctor Who will always be his favourite, especially when it comes to the TV series and comics.

    Lois Arcari


    Lifelong Whovian and passionate writer. Lois loves all things weird, camp and cult in the Whoniverse!

    Oliver Lott


    Oliver is a Doctor Who addict!