Nerdgazm - Editorial Policy

    Nerdgazm publishes news, features, interviews, speculation, reviews, criticism, analysis and other original content on the latest in pop culture. Our coverage ranges from TV series and comics to brand-new movies. We’re covering all things pop culture via both written and video content across social media platforms and our website. Nerdgazm is committed to providing professional coverage that upholds the highest possible standards of accuracy, integrity and quality.

    We report stories as we see them. Therefore we strive to be fair, accurate and comprehensive in our reporting. Sometimes our editorial and opinion content may express a point of view on a story. However, we will always uphold our standards of honesty, transparency, impartiality and value to the reader.

    Nerdgazm makes every effort to contact individuals or organisations when reporting on stories that reflect them. We seek a direct comment and offer them the opportunity to respond in a fair amount of time. Nerdgazm articles and stories will be updated with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. Additionally, we will supplement content with a follow-up story if necessary. Perhaps you think something should be added to a story? Please reach out to the Nerdgazm team.

    The identity of confidential sources will be protected. We respect the request of any source to remain anonymous. However, any information provided confidentiality will be verified with additional information and sources before publication. No sources will be paid for information.

    Nerdgazm will always provide clear attribution when reporting on information from other publications. Therefore we will include links to the original sources. Additionally, images and media content from photographers, artists and other sources will be credited appropriately.

    Relationships with Publishers and Companies

    Nerdgazm will sometimes agree to embargoes or non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that require us to publish our content after a certain time and/or date to enable us to cover certain comics, movies, tv series, games, individuals or organisations. Nerdgazm only agrees to such terms when we are confident it will not compromise the related coverage.


    Redwood Media LTD handles Nerdgazm’s website advertisements and sponsored content. Nerdgazm’s content will never be influenced or impacted by commercial benefits or considerations. Sponsored content, on articles or videos, will be clearly labelled and disclosed to the audience.

    Occasionally we link to online retailers such as Amazon using affiliate links. Nerdgazm will make some money off of these affiliate links. When presented in content, these links will be expressed using impartial language. Affiliate links do not influence editorial content or coverage.

    Fact-Checking Policy

    Nerdgazm strives for 100% accurate headlines and articles. We apply a rigorous vetting process to every news article on the site. Articles which are about rumours or insider resorts are defined accordingly. This ensures the distinction between confirmed information and industry buzz that interests our readers.

    For corrections, please contact the Nerdgazm team via -

    Please link the article/headline which you are contacting us about.

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