Doctor Who Centenary Special Confirmed Details!

    Fans are looking forward to the upcoming Doctor Who Centenary Special. The special episode will see the departure of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor and Chris Chibnall as Showrunner. However today we have new confirmed details for the upcoming special. Incoming Doctor Who Showrunner, Russell T Davies, has appeared on the BBC’s The One Show to talk about the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who, as well as his other projects such as “It’s A Sin”.

    Davies, like always, teased about upcoming content. Additionally, he commented on the Ryan Gosling/Ncuti Gatwa T-Shirt that took the Internet by storm. However, he did confirm details for the Doctor Who Centenary Special. The episode serves as a Centenary special for the BBC, which is celebrating 100 years of the broadcaster’s existence.

    Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor (BBC)

    Confirmed Details!

    Thanks to Russell T Davies’s appearance on BBC’s The One show, we now know some confirmed details about the Doctor Who Centenary Special. Such as, the special is 90 Minutes long and will air in October 2022. However, we are yet to know a confirmed specific release date at this time. Additionally, Davies himself has seen the finished version of the upcoming special. This confirms that the episode has likely finished post-production. Therefore, we should expect the promotion to start over the next month.

    Davies has also teased fans that the upcoming special has “Lots of Surprises”. Fans have been speculating for some time now that the Centenary will contain hints to the Doctor’s past. In terms of surprises, many fans are speculating that Bradley Walsh may make a cameo appearance as Graham O’Brien. He was spotted near filming of the special in 2021. Additionally, it is expected that Ncuti Gatwa will appear towards the end of the special. This is due to Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor regenerating.

    Details Summary

    • OCTOBER 2022
    • 90 Minutes Long
    • Russell T Davies has watched “Final Version”
    • Lots of “Surprises”
    Daleks in the Doctor Who BBC Centenary Special Trailer (Via BBC)

    What We Know!

    The biggest information we know is about two very important returning characters. Ace (Sophie Aldred) and Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding) will return for the Doctor Who Centenary Special. Additionally, Mandip Gill’s Yaz and John Bishop’s Dan are by the Doctor’s side as companions for the special. However, we’ve also got UNIT Chief Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) back in action, alongside Vinider (Jacob Anderson). Finally, we’ve also got Sacha Dhawan as “The Master” back once again.

    In terms of the plot development for the Doctor Who Centenary Special, not much is known. However, it’s expected The Division/Timeless Child storylines will be somewhat wrapped up. Both storylines have run through Jodie Whittaker’s time in the series as the 13th Doctor. Therefore one would expect these to be closed off ahead of a new Doctor’s arrival. We do know that Daleks and the Cybermen will also return.

    Producer Matt Strevens has shed some light on what fans can expect. Commenting on it during an article in the Doctor Who Magazine, he said the following.

    “The final story is a massive, feature-length epic – it was huge to shoot – with lots of surprises for fans of all ages,” 

    Matt Strevens Via Doctor Who Magazine

    “Jodie gets a really good send-off. I think it will push everybody’s buttons. And the fact the BBC asked us for it to be part of their Centenary celebrations – I think that just underlines the iconic nature of the show.”

    Matt Strevens Via Doctor Who Magazine
    Mandip Gill’s Yaz and Sacha Dhawan as “The Master” (Via BBC)


    Currently, with no promotion of the Doctor Who Centenary Special, all eyes are on Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary filming. While Russell T Davies was cryptic about giving details away on The One Show, fans are still listening for more. Already it’s been announced that Neil Patrick Haris will star as the “greatest enemy the Doctor has ever faced”.

    Previously Davies has already revealed more details on the return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate. The incoming showrunner wrote an article in The Doctor Who Magazine about what fans should expect. Issue #579 of the Official Doctor Who Magazine is out now! While all eyes for us are on the Russell T Davies interview, there are plenty of other bits for Whovians to read. Additionally, Doctor Who Redacted, from BBC Sounds gets a good chunk of the magazine dedicated to it. Including June Dawson and Ella Watts talking! The magazine is available from PocketMags for £5.99 digitally and in print at all good stores.

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