Doctor Who: Origins Issue #3 Review

    I’ll start this review by saying that as an incarnation of our favourite Time Lord, the Fugitive Doctor intrigues me. I love the mystery of how she exists, why she works for the Division and what the Division has her doing. While being an incarnation of the Doctor that causes some questions about timeline placement, she is certainly one of the elements of the show’s current era that fans have positively received despite a short amount of screen time. Here is our review of Doctor Who: Origins Issue #3.

    Origins continue the Fugitive Doctor’s first comic strip adventure, on a mission for Division to stop a serious threat to Gallifrey with new friend Taslo. And this issue starts with our eponymous heroine meeting her shadowy handler. But who is he working with?

    Doctor Who: Origins Issue #3 Promo Page One (Via Titan Comics)

    Action And Adventure

    The action in Doctor Who: Origins Issue #3 is speedy in delivery and punchy; it grips the reader and leaves them questioning. Has the Doctor been obeying the orders of Division?

    For me, the tale is worthwhile. It intrigues and explores the actions of the Fugitive Doctor. We get more insight into Division and what it does. This issue of Origins certainly moves the story along with twists and turns. Naturally, this review will not be ruining any of those for anyone, but while not being totally out of the blue, the major twist does heighten the stakes as a whole and makes the reader question who can is trustworthy.

    In true Doctor Who style, there is, of course, a cliffhanger. How will the Doctor outfox her latest foe? Who is *that* character? Can the Doctor save the day? Of course, answers to all of these will become clear in due course. But that’s part of the thrill of a monthly comic, waiting to find out just what happens next.

    Doctor Who: Origins Issue #3 Promo Page Two (Via Titan Comics)

    Artwork And Storyline

    As always with Titan Comics Doctor Who, the artwork is stunning. The various blues and splashes of white on the inside of the TARDIS are some of my favourites in this issue. The way illustrations of the characters demonstrate the talent of the artists involved. The ability to draw emotion just into the faces of the characters draws the audience in. Titan Comics always seem to create such visually stunning comics.

    The biggest issue with the full storyline of Origins is that while it can venture into the Fugitive era, it must tread carefully. Unable to make huge revelations that would almost certainly be for television, the comic series gives us small insights into the Fugitive Doctor’s adventures. For me, this is not too much of a problem. Being able to delve deeper into these adventures only makes me want more.

    Doctor Who: Origins Issue #3 Promo Page Four (Via Titan Comics)

    In Conclusion

    Doctor Who: Origins Issue #3 is another beautifully illustrated piece of the Fugitive Doctor’s jigsaw. I would recommend Origins, full of colour with tiny details that pop and bring the story alive. Another Titan Comics instalment that leaves you wanting more. I tend to re-read every issue as the new one arrives and cannot wait to dive into this issue again. Origins might be my favourite of the Titan Comics range since The Heralds of Destruction for the Third Doctor.

    Issue #3 of Doctor Who Origins is on sale now via all-good comic book stores. Additionally, it is available on the Titan Comics website.

    Cover Version 3 of Doctor Who: Origins Issue 3 (Via Titan Comics)

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