Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures Announced

    Lucasfilm’s Studio Showcase at the D23 Expo appears to have missed one Star Wars announcement. It would seem that a new full-length animated Star Wars series is on the way. Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures Announced was revealed by Ayo David, president of Disney Branded, Television during a presentation at the expo. The reason it was not included in the main presentation? This is a preschoolers series.

    Set during The High Republic era Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures will follow a group of Jedi Younglings as they embark on missions. Therefore ultimately learning the valuable skills needed to become a Jedi. An example is compassion, self-discipline, teamwork, patience and friendship. Lucasfilm produces the series for Disney Junor and Disney+.

    Banner artwork for Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures (Via Lucasfilm / Disney)

    Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures Details

    Along with the announcement of the Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures series, casting details have been revealed. Jamaal Avery, Jr. (Abbot Elementary) and Emma Berman (Luca) will be playing the series’ lead cast. The castings were also announced during the D23 Expo on Saturday 11th of September. The series is expected to premiere in 2023 on Disney Junior and Disney+.

    Jamaal Avery Jr. will play Kai Brightstar, a Jedi Youngling who hopes to follow in the footsteps of Jedi Grand Master Yoda. He’ll meet and team up with pilot Nah Durango, who Emma Berman voices. Together they’ll go on adventures across the Star Wars galaxy while learning the skills needed to become a Jedi.

    Lucasfilm has set the series during The High Republic era. Lucasfilm’s era of the Star Wars universe has been a growing project. Initially launched as a book and comic series, it’s now expanding into media and video games. The upcoming live-action series, Star Wars: The Acolyte, will be set at the end of the era. The video game Star Wars: Eclipse is also set during the era.

    Banner artwork for The High Republic (Via Lucasfilm)

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