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    The HALO Series has finally reached its season finale. However, has it lived up to the expectations of the fandom so far? That remains to be seen. We’ve got brand new trailers, preview pictures and clips for the upcoming episode of HALO 1×09, the season finale. Episode 9 titled “Transcendence” is seeing a pick up from last week’s episode cliffhanger it would seem. Though, are we going to see a resolution to the series storyline, or are things going to be dragged into a second season for the show?

    We do know that Paramount has ordered a second season of HALO The Series. Additionally, the second season is supposed to start filming in just a few months. However, we don’t know what cast and storylines will carry into the second season. There have been behind the scenes personal changes. Such as Showrunner Steven Kane departing the production team. We can expect Pablo Schreiber to obviously return as Master Chief.

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    HALO 1×09 Teaser Trailer

    This week’s teaser trailer for HALO 1×09 is action-packed! Personally, I’m hoping for some large action-packed battle, full of UNSC HALO goodness, but it does not seem like we’ll be getting that sadly. Additionally, it does seem like we’re going for one of these “all or nothing” season finales. There is nothing wrong with this, but the trailer does paint it that way. I’m hoping we do see some good HALO action sequences in this episode.

    I’m thinking I might get my wish with HALO 1×09. If you’re watching the preview trailer below, you’ll see the Spartans landing on sleeping Covenant Grunts. If you’ve played the Halo games, you’ve likely done this before. For me, this is where the series excels. However, it then does weird things such as having Master Chief have sex. While personally I’m not super phased by this, it is a mature show, it has caused a lot of online discussions. However, that is a topic for another time. Watch the official preview trailer for HALO 1×09 below.

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    Exclusive Clip

    It would seem we’ve got two promotional clips for this week’s HALO 1×09 Season Finale. Additionally, based on what we can view from these clips, the Spartan-II Silver Team is falling apart. Last week’s episode saw them all go head to head following Doctor Halsey’s attempted escape. However, that did not go to plan and may have signalled the end for the Planet of Reach.

    I’ve really got to commend both Danny Sapani and Olive Gray for their roles in this series. Both Captain Keyes and Doctor Keyes have done super well. Yes, they have established characters in the HALO Universe, but both performers have done a great job at bringing these characters to life on screen. I’m hoping we don’t lose either of them in the season finale. However, I do fear for Captain Jacob Keyes. Additionally, both characters’ fates are sealed in the HALO storylines. But luckily it’s obvious from the get-go that HALO the series is not following the established storyline. Happy days for some then!

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    You know if we think about it, this HALO 1×09 Season Finale has a lot of story content to wrap up. We’ve still got the story of Kwan Ha and the Forerunner Portal that is yet to be discovered on Madrigal. Additionally, are we going to see the Covenant finally locate Reach, the UNSC Headquarters right now. However, if that is the case, might we already be saying goodbye to some of our fan favourite characters from the HALO series right now.

    If I could have one dream for the finale episode of HALO The Series Season One, that would be a legendary Sergeant. Yes, Avery Johnson himself. If HALO The Series wanted to win fans over for the finale episode, then introducing this character would make total sense. However, will that happen I’m not sure. Casting information has been public for HALO for some time now, but so far, we’re unaware of anyone playing Johnson.

    HALO 1×09 airs via Paramount+ in the USA, Australia, Latin America, and the Nordics. Additionally, the streaming service will also land in the UK & Ireland on June 22nd, 2022. However, other international streaming details for the HALO series remain a mystery right now.

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