Doctor Who: Nemesis – A Devious Board Game

    March certainly was a busy gaming month for Whovians, and what better way to celebrate National Board Game today… Than looking at the Whoniverse’s latest. Released last month, Doctor Who: Nemesis is a game where you can play as one of the Doctor’s greatest enemies! (And it’s one that is already being compared to Disney’s popular ‘Villainous’ game.) 

    Root for the Bad Guys

    In Doctor Who: Nemesis – you can choose to play as either the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Master or the Weeping Angels. Each villain generates their own player board with their own unique abilities and actions. And then you will need to complete various schemes that will bend time and space to your will.

    Doctor Who: Nemesis board game box art [Courtesy: Gale Force 9)

    But you’ll also need to defend yourself from both the Doctor’s interference, and any conflict with the other villains’ plans. In order to win, players must meet the ‘Win Trigger’ of their scheme card. Certainly lots of opportunity for strategy!

    Doctor Who: Nemesis – basics

    The game is designed to be played by 2 to 4 people, with a game taking approximately 45 to 90 minutes. Each player has a specific deck of cards to play with, depending on which ‘nemesis’ they choose to play as. (For instance, one of the Cybermen cards is Cyber-Conversion Lytton… one of the Dalek cards is Dalek Emperor Davros… and so on.) Added to this is a random assignment of two Doctor cards (there’s 14 of those: Doctors One to Thirteen, and the War Doctor), just to add a little more chaos to the conflict.

    Then, there’s also the addition of some Faction cards, to help give further variety. What ‘nemesis’ and faction you pick will lead to drastically different abilities at your command… and different strategies for you to come up with!

    Take the Universe in Doctor Who: Nemesis

    It’s not easy trying to rule space and time, contending with rival Daleks and Cybermen, interfering Time Lords, and predatory Weeping Angels.

    There are worlds to move, realities to destroy, time wars to win, a cyberium to find and Gallifrey itself for that matter too, paradoxes and the endless schemes of The Doctor and The Master to unravel.

    Gale Force Nine Games Nemesis Product Page
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    Doctor Who: Nemesis – Showcase Teaser

    The Board Game Credentials

    Produced by Gale Force Nine Games, Doctor Who: Nemesis has been hotly anticipated since it was first announced last July. The company has created many board games for the Doctor Who franchise. It previously released the games Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks in 2021 and Doctor Who: Don’t Blink in 2022. Gale Force Nine is also experienced with other franchises, having created games based on properties like Alien, Enola Holmes and Dune

    Doctor Who: Nemesis board game layout [Courtesy: Gale Force 9]

    Doctor Who: Nemesis is an exciting addition to the pantheon of Doctor Who board games. We can’t resist the prospect of seeing – and conquering – the Whoniverse from the villain’s perspective. One of many Doctor Who themed board and video games to come out in recent years, it’s certainly a promising adventure to be had for those looking for something different.

    And, well, with interchangeable unique themed decks & boards… we’d hope there’s room for an expansion set or two. (Fugitive and Fifteenth Doctor cards, please!) There are plenty other ‘nemesis-es’ that would fit well for this format. The Zygons, the Sontarans… Lots of possibilities!

    At any rate, we’re happy to see this lovely new game!

    Doctor Who: Nemesis is currently available for purchase now from Amazon here for the price of £45.

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