Destiny 2 Season of The Deep Trailer Reveals Underwater Gameplay

    Bungie’s next season for Destiny 2 has officially begun today. Titled “Season of The Deep”, Season 21 sees players return to the moon of Saturn, Titan. As revealed in the new Destiny 2 Season of The Deep Trailer, players are venturing into the waters of Titan. Additionally, the character of Deputy Commander Sloane (Cissy Jones) has returned to the game. She disappeared from the game when the location of Titan vaulted away. Season of The Deep begins May 23rd and will run until August 22nd.

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    Destiny 2 Season of The Deep Trailer Reveals

    The Destiny 2 Season of The Deep Trailer reveals the returning location of Titan. It has somewhat changed in appearance. Additionally, so has Sloane. She now appears to be part “Taken”. Thankfully, Bungie has confirmed that Season of The Deep will provide a mission that clarifies “The Veil” as we head towards The Final Shape expansion. That being the last part of the “Light Vs Darkness Saga” for Destiny as a franchise. Players can expect more story content to progress each week with the new season.

    It looks like The Vanguard tried to follow The Witness into whatever The Traveller has become. However, they have failed. The Destiny 2 Season of The Deep Trailer shows corpses floating within space. Sloane appears to be underwater on Titan, revealing players as going for a swim in the trailer. The bigger reveal is likely “The Leviathan”, which dwells in the waters of Titan. This enormous serpentine creature has been spoken about in Destiny’s lore before. As Sloane reveals, The Leviathan seems to know more about Humanity’s enemy, The Witness. Drifter is also heard in the trailer.

    Guardians are seen equipping Taken-themed weapons in the trailer. As expected, Season of The Deep will introduce a new selection of weapons for players to use in-game. All this to investigate the strange signal coming from below the sea, which is a distress call for our big fish friend.  Players who own the Season Pass will have access to weekly Deep Dive missions and the matchmade Seasonal activity named Salvage.

    Destiny 2 Season of The Deep Weapons (Via Bungie)

    New Content Deep Under

    This Friday at 10 AM PT, a new dungeon will unlock for Guardians ready to plunge into the deep for a fresh challenge and a chance to obtain new treasures. The first of two dungeons to be released this year, this dungeon is available to players who own the Lightfall + Annual Pass or the Lightfall Dungeon Key. For players looking to grab the new Aquanaut title, the Seal will be attainable throughout the Season.

    After securing the title, players can purchase the new Aquanaut pin from Bungie Rewards to add to their collection. Other Bungie Rewards offers tied to in-game achievements will be released throughout Season of the Deep. Releasing today alongside the Season, Guardians can outfit their characters with armour ornaments and finishers inspired by PlayStation favourites Aloy, Kratos, and Jin Sakai. Other fan-favourite game items are also available through Eververse on all platforms, such as a Clicker Ghost Shell, Sparrow, and ship—there’s even an emote inspired by Ratchet & Clank’s gold bolt.

    Armor Ornament Bundles

    • Hunter – Annointed Hunter
    • Titan – Godsbane
    • Warlock – Ancestral

    Endless Roamer Finisher Bundle

    • From Nowhere
    • Whirling Chaos
    • Perfect Strike

    Cordyceps Bundle

    • Clicker (Ghost)
    • Blooming Terror (Ship)
    • Quarantine Runner (Sparrow)


    • Gadgeteer


    Finally, The Destiny 2 Season of The Deep Trailer revealed fishing. This new player activity sees Guardians being able to fish in locations in-game. Such locations are the EDZ, Nessus and Savathûn’s Throne World. The all-new Fishing activity is available to Destiny 2 Season Pass users.

    The Guardian Games 2023 event has concluded with the launch of the latest season. The event came to an end and saw the Titans taking the victory. The Guardian Games statue will be in the Tower all year round to celebrate the win. It’s especially emotional this year, as The Vanguard lost one of their own with the tragic passing of Lance Reddick earlier this year. Lance Reddick voiced Commander Zavala in-game and was a player of Destiny himself, even playing The Lightfall campaign the night before his death.

    Destiny 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Season of The Deep, the 21st Season of Destiny, launched May 23rd 2023 and will run until August 22nd 2023.

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