EXCLUSIVE: Big Finish Involved In Multi-Licensee “Doom’s Day” Project

    Nerdgazm has exclusively learned, following this morning’s teaser announcement on the official Doctor Who social channels of a “Doom’s Day” coming tomorrow, that the event involves multiple licensees and that Big Finish is involved.

    The Teaser of Doom’s Day

    This morning’s 11am teaser featured a clock, with the time ultimately stopping at four minutes to midnight. This is likely an allusion to the real-world Doomsday Clock. Amended by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists to varying ‘minutes to midnight’, it is a metaphorical illustration of expert opinion on how precarious the current state of the world is. (Doctor Who would hardly be the first to allude to this. DC Comic fans will know that all too well…)

    What We Already Knew About Doom’s Day

    It has been known since November of last year that BBC Audio would be releasing a special anthology audio set known as Four From Doom’s Day. Originally listed as written by a ‘Darren Day’… listings have now been updated today to state Darren Jones as the writer.

    Jones has worked previously on audio releases, both for BBC Audio & Big Finish. (Including Cry of the Vultriss in the Main/Monthly Range… and Rhythm of Destruction in the BBC Audio Twelfth Doctor Originals.) In addition to this, Jones was also notable for working on part of previous multi-licensee (and multi-media) project Time Lord Victorious. There, he contributed the script for BBC Audio’s part of the event… CD/vinyl release The Minds of Magnox, featuring Jacob Dudman as the narrator.

    Four From Doom’s Day has quietly sat around with a single-line to its synopsis since November. Simply stating “A quartet of stories with a linked theme: Doom!”. It is currently unclear as to whether or not Darren Jones has written all four stories. Further synopsis details are likely to come tomorrow.

    Originally, at the end of last year, the release had been scheduled for a June 1st 2023 release… But in January – it shifted to its current release date of August 3rd 2023. A cover has yet to be revealed.

    Teaser Graphic for Doctor Who’s Doom’s Day project. [Courtesy: BBC Studios]

    Big Finish’s Doom’s Day

    Listings have begun to appear on-site for Big Finish’s own part of the “Doom’s Day” project; with a new range page & a bundles listing page having appeared today. We have been able to verify the nature of these pages with an individual aware of the project, who wishes to remain anonymous. Our understanding is that Darren Jones has also contributed to Big Finish’s section of the project in some capacity. The individual we spoke to could not clarify whether or not further licensees are involved in the ‘Doom’s Day’ project.

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