Finally, after waiting a long time, we have our first look at the Borderlands movie. PEOPLE have revealed an exclusive first look at the movie’s main cast. Mark your calendars because Borderlands is set to hit cinemas on August 9th. The movie promises to be an epic adventure filled with action, humour, and unforgettable characters. Directed by Eli Roth, the Borderlands movie is once again a video-game-to-movie adaptation.

    The highly anticipated movie adaptation of the popular video game series, Borderlands, is set to hit the big screens on August 9th. And fans of the game are in for a treat as Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett takes on the role of the infamous outlaw Lilith. In this first look, we get a glimpse of Blanchett sporting a striking red hairstyle and a combat-ready look, ready to save the universe.

    The idea of adapting the Borderlands video game series into a movie has been in the works for quite some time. Deadline reported back in May 2020 that Cate Blanchett was tapped to play the role of Lilith. The rest of the cast joined the project the following year. Filming for the movie began in April 2021 in Hungary and wrapped up in June.

    Borderlands Movie Plot & Characters

    In Borderlands, Blanchett’s character, Lilith, makes a homecoming to her planet Pandora in search of the missing daughter of Atlas, played by Edgar Ramírez. To aid her in this mission, Lilith teams up with a band of outcasts, each with their own unique skills and personalities.

    Kevin Hart takes on the role of former soldier Roland, while Ariana Greenblatt portrays the pre-teen demolitionist Tiny Tina. Florian Munteanu plays Tina’s bodyguard, Krieg, and Jamie Lee Curtis takes on the role of scientist Tannis. And let’s not forget about Jack Black, who brings the character of the robot Claptrap to life.

    One photo from the movie shows the team assembled, peering down a manhole, hinting at the thrilling adventures and challenges that await them on their quest. With this diverse group of characters, the movie promises to bring the beloved world of Borderlands to life on the big screen.

    The World of Borderlands

    For those unfamiliar with the Borderlands video game series, it is a popular first-person shooter game developed by Gearbox Software. Set in a dystopian world known as Pandora, players embark on quests and battles against alien monsters and bandits. The game’s unique art style, combining cel-shading and comic book aesthetics, has garnered a dedicated fan base over the years.

    The movie adaptation aims to capture the essence of the game and bring the thrilling and action-packed gameplay to the big screen. Lilith and her team will face the challenges of battling alien monsters and the complexities of their relationships with each other. “The fate of the universe could be in their hands – but they’ll be fighting for something more: each other,” says a synopsis of the upcoming film. 

    Eli Roth, known for his work on films like Thanksgiving, is at the helm of the Borderlands movie. As a director known for his ability to create tension and suspense, Roth’s vision for the film is sure to captivate audiences. Fans of the game can expect an intense and thrilling cinematic experience that stays true to the spirit of Borderlands. The movie is set to be distributed by Lionsgate.

    Mark your calendars because Borderlands is set to hit theatres on August 9th!

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