Fanhome To Unveil E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Model At NYCC 2023

    Fanhome, a prominent figure in subscription-based collections and models, is set to dazzle the 2023 New York Comic Con (NYCC) attendees with their lifelike model of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. The model is inspired by the iconic character from the 1982 film by Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment.

    The Fanhome E.T. Extra Terrestrial model will be showcased in Booth #4108 at the NYCC 2023. The event is slated to run from October 12-15 at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center. For additional information on Fanhome’s E.T. The Extra Terrestrial and registration details, click here. However, Pre-orders for the model have already begun, with shipping expected to commence later in the year.

    The Fanhome E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Model

    The Fanhome E.T. The Extra Terrestrial model is a fitting tribute to the beloved character. The model is over 2 feet tall (25 inches) and is designed with remarkable realism. The model is a product of meticulous detailing with metal and ABS plastic parts. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions for assembly, and all necessary tools are provided. Furthermore, the completed figure boasts articulated arms and an extendable head, similar to the character in the movie. Additionally, LED features such as a light-up index finger and “heart light” contribute to the realistic appearance of the model.

    In addition to the physical features, the model comes equipped with audio features that recreate several of E.T.’s memorable quotes from the film. For example, these features can be activated using touchless sensors embedded in the model or with a remote control.

    Throughout the assembly process, builders will learn about the conception of this iconic character and discover many behind-the-scenes facts about the film. Additionally, a full-colour monthly magazine accompanies each month’s shipment of components, providing insightful commentary and an array of production designs and photographs.

    Subscribers will learn about Carlo Rambaldi, the talented Italian designer who brought E.T. to life, and his inspirations for the character’s emotive and memorable appearance. For example, the magazine also features information about Steven Spielberg, the visionary director behind the film, and the lasting impact the movie has had on its fans.


    Subscribers will receive exclusive gifts at various stages of their subscription. For example, these include three large (12×16 inches) full-color posters, a ceramic mug, and a commemorative metal movie plaque, all featuring official logos for E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Subscribers using PayPal will receive a special bonus gift – a 6.5-inch, hand-painted miniature of E.T.

    Fanhome is a team of pop culture enthusiasts with over 100 experts in various fields. They create original collections and models, offering an outstanding experience for their subscribers. More information is available on their official website.

    The unveiling of Fanhome’s E.T. The Extra Terrestrial model at NYCC 2023 promises to be an exciting event for lovers of pop culture and film history. With its lifelike features and interactive elements, the model stands as a testament to Fanhome’s commitment to delivering high-quality, unique products to their subscribers.

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