The Bad Batch Reintroduces A Star Wars Favourite Character

    The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 6 sees the return of Gungi, A Star Wars Favourite Character. He is a Jedi Padawan featured in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. We also see a return to the planet of Kashyyyk. This Star Wars location has featured heavily in modern Star Wars media as a world once loyal to the Republic, now an enemy of the Empire. The Empire practically razed this world and enslaved the population to do their bidding.

    Not only this, but we also see more of the Trandoshans. This species has always intrigued me. We did get a Clone Wars arc with them. However, I remember them from Star Wars: Republic Commando. Still, the Trandoshans remain a fearsome species in this episode alone. However, I wish we had spent more time on Kashyyyk. Exploring more episodes here and what the Empire is doing would make sense.

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    Gungi Is A Star Wars Favourite Character!

    Honestly, this episode is my favourite of The Bad Batch. Not only do we go to Kashyyyk, but we are reunited with Gungi. A minor character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but A Star Wars Favourite Character, who greatly impact this episode. He survives Order 66, and it’s rather touching to see his story revisited in The Bad Batch. However, we all know what happens to the planet of Kashyyyk from playing JEDI: Fallen Order and exploring other Star Wars Media. 

    Seeing Gungi go back to his home planet is awesome. Yet it reminds us that not many Jedi Padawans, or survivors of Order 66, ever go this chance. Many never visit their original homeworld or own people after joining the Jedi order. A moment which stood out to me was Hunter and Clone Force 99’s reactions to seeing a Jedi. They jump straight into the action of saving them, but not before being stunned for a few seconds at their discovery.

    We also see Gungi being apprehensive about trusting the Clone Troopers. Knowing full well what they have done. Well, not them specifically, but you know what I mean. Another moment that stands out is Hunter’s conversion with Yanna, the Wookie Tribe leader. A somewhat repeated phrase, albeit in different ways, is that both Omega and Gungi are just children. Yet they never get to be just children because of the galaxy they are growing up in.

    It’s a stark, cold reminder that no one is safe anymore with the rise of the Galactic Empire. I’m listening to season 7 of The Clone Wars soundtrack while writing this review, and it’s depressing. I am not going to lie. The safety of the once-great Galactic Republic has gone, and the Empire is here to stay. 

    The Wookies in Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 (Via Disney+)

    The Bad Batch Can Be Heartwarming, At Times

    Ultimately this episode has heartwarming messages about family and hope. When you think of it like that, these are two core messages of Star Wars. We’re also seeing the parental instinct of Hunter and Echo. The episode’s ending also echoes the statement that Hunter wants to walk away from the war. That Clone Force 99 finds a new path for Omega, and themselves, which is walking away from the Empire for good. For us as viewers, the question remains, will that ever happen for The Bad Batch

    Circling back around. I would have preferred we saw more of the Trandoshans. Therefore once again, i say that this episode needed more time. Or rather, it needed another episode to go along with it. Think back to the likes of the Trandoshan arc from The Clone Wars. You know, the episodes where Ahsoka gets kidnapped and ends up working with other Padawans and a somewhat famous Wookie.

    We see the Trandoshans get some limelight, but it would have been so much better if we saw them argue with The Clone Troopers and actually go on the hunts we’ve seen before. Still, the art detailing and design hold up from what we have seen before. I think likely due to their incompetence in dealing with the Wookies. It’s what draws the Empire to crack down harder on Kashyyyk.

    Venomor, voiced by JP Karliak in Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 (Via Disney+)


    As I mentioned before, spending more time on Kashyyyk would have made sense. However, I think it makes sense with the events that will take place in the second season of episodes. Next week we do have two episodes on the same day. In my opinion, these episodes look to expand The Clone Trooper issues, which the show should be focusing on. However, I would love to learn more about what happens to Gungi at some point soon.

    We see the Clone Troopers note the lightsaber marks on the tank. One report back to Imperial Command, and we know this would attract the attention of the Inquisitors. However, which Inquisitor remains the question on my mind? It would be nice to see Jason Isaacs guest star as The Grand Inquisitor again. But that is unlikely to happen for now.

    In terms of thinking about the episode overall, this follows a similar pattern to others. The Clones start out by doing a mission for Cid, that does not go to plan. However, the Clones end up saving a life and others via rescuing and returning Gungi home to Kashyyyk. Therefore, they’ve done something much better in my opinion. Additionally, the episode gives us a look at the planet’s early days, before we see it in the likes of JEDI: Fallen Order and such.

    Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 airs new episodes weekly on Disney+

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