The BBC has just announced a brand-new multi-platform story to celebrate the show’s sixtieth anniversary! How exciting. Let’s get straight into the details of… Doctor Who: Doom’s Day!

    Introducing Doom

    Launching later this year, the multi-platform event – Doctor Who: Doom’s Day – will introduce a brand-new character in the form of Doom (played by Sooz Kempner) as she goes on a twenty-four hour pursuit of the Doctor.

    Sooz Kempner as the titular Doom from the Doctor Who: Doom’s Day event. [Courtesy: BBC Studios]

    To be part of the doctor who universe… a british institution up there with cups of tea and james bond, is surreal and amazing! i love everything about doom and can’t believe i get to travel across time and space with her.

    Sooz Kempner (Doom)

    Whovians will get to follow Doom, the universe’s greatest assassin, as she travels through all of time and space in pursuit of the Doctor. To save herself from the ever-approaching Death. She only has twenty-four hours and a vortex manipulator to save herself before her fate is sealed forever.

    Project Synopsis

    Someone has sent literal Death after Doom. She can only outrun it for twenty-four hours. Unless she can find the Doctor.

    The Licensees Of Doctor Who: Doom’s Day

    With the event set to take Doom across comics, audio, a novel, video games stories & more; her adventures will expand the world of Doctor Who into brand-new territory. Licensees confirmed this morning to be involved are:

    • Doctor Who Magazine
    • Titan Comics
    • Penguin Random House (publisher of Doctor Who novels)
    • East Side Games (publisher of the Doctor Who: Lost in Time game)
    • Big Finish Productions
    • BBC Audio

    Each of these licensees will have their own sections of Doom’s story to tell; creating their own adventures for Doom’s Day. Though these will focus on one of the twenty-four hours Doom has left on the clock… The standalone stories will also have an overarching narrative that will play out before the finale – which will release on Doctor Who‘s official digital channels. And along the way, a number of fan-favourite characters will feature. More details on each individual Doom’s Day storyline will be revealed. No details have been given as yet about which Doctor(s) might be involved.

    Doom’s day is a huge new adventure for the whole doctor who universe – starring the brilliant and hilarious sooz kempner as an intergalactic assassin.

    Russell T. Davies (current showrunner of Doctor Who)
    Doctor Who: Doom’s Day poster [Courtesy: BBC Studios]

    What We Know So Far About Doctor Who: Doom’s Day

    BBC Audio’s Four From Doom’s Day

    We do know some slight details about the releases to come. One of them will be a special anthology audio set from BBC Audio, known as Four From Doom’s Day. Written by Darren Jones (notable for working on BBC Audio’s The Minds of Magnox as part of previous multi-platform project Time Lord Victorious), with no narrator yet announced.

    Four From Doom’s Day has quietly sat around with a single-line to its synopsis since November. Simply stating “A quartet of stories with a linked theme: Doom!”. Originally, at the end of last year, the release had been scheduled for a June 1st 2023 release… But in January – it shifted to its current release date of August 3rd 2023. A cover has yet to be revealed.

    Doom’s Day Reading

    Explicit mention has also been given by Davies that there will be a single novel component – certain to be Penguin Random House’s contribution to Doom’s Day.

    What Is Likely To Come With Other Releases In Doctor Who: Doom’s Day

    It’s hard to speculate just yet what else might come, but it’s clear that Doctor Who: Lost in Time explicitly will have some form of narrative content to tie-in. Whether this will be part of the game’s main story, a limited-time event or a new playable ‘side story’ – it’s hard to say.

    Davies’ mention of “comics” as part of the upcoming project would perhaps suggest that alongside Titan’s comic output for the event, Doctor Who Magazine might release a comic supplement with a future issue. (That’s what they did for Time Lord Victorious with the supplemental Ninth Doctor comic Monstrous Beauty.)

    A Little Sneaky Detail For Doom

    One thing that we have noticed in the newly released promotional picture of Kempner as Doom… is a certain item on her wrist. Anyone who has been to Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder might also have caught onto this too, but Doom is wearing something that looks rather quite familiar. Though with a different stone & strap colour, she has a Teleportation Bracelet just like the one that the Doctor was seen wearing in The Witch’s Familiar.

    In the story flashback detailed by Missy (for which she said it didn’t matter which incarnation was involved), the Doctor escaped fifty android assassins with it. Carefully using their sonic to redirect energy from weapons-fire into the bracelet to charge it up and escape.

    Funnily enough, it was being displayed beside a Vortex Manipulator in Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder… And today, it’s been revealed that Doom has one of those as well. We have to wonder if she is going to use both for transportation… or if perhaps, like with the Doctor, the Teleportation Bracelet will become a last-ditch effort to escape in a situation where the Manipulator might stop working. Time will ultimately tell, but we’re left with a LOT of thoughts! At any rate, Doom is certainly going to do plenty of travelling in her day. We can’t wait to hear what Doom’s Day has in store for the Whoniverse…

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